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High-Speed Cutter Peripheral

Baumannperfecta high-performance peripherals can help to automate and optimize working processes before, during and after cutting. Pile hoists, joggers, loaders, pressing stations and transport systems minimize physical strain while the operator is preparing the cutting process and speed up the workflow. Positioning systems, rotary grippers and disposal solutions forming an unbeatable unit with the high-speed cutter, ensuring precision and a smooth production throughout the cutting process. After cutting, efficient high-performance unloaders and buffering systems do the hard and complex work of unloading the high-speed cutter. This saves space and personnel at the same time, increases efficiency. The integration of individual working steps into centrally controlled and automated processes forms a basis of high performance and profitability.

process step task peripherals
Before cutting Loading Pile lift/Pile hoist
  Pressing Pressing station
  Buffering/Transport Air-board system
    Transport system
  Jogging Automatic jogger
    Scale counter
    Automatic jogging system BASA
During cutting Cutting to size baumannperfecta high-speed cutter
    Autoturn system for automatic cutting
After cutting Buffering/Transport Tables
    Air-board system
    Storage-board system
  Unloading Unloader
    Pile lift/Pile hoist
Other peripherals Pile turning Pile turner