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High-Speed Cutter


The Highspeed-cutter is the centric point of our baumannperfecta portfolio. All machines are developed by experiences of mechanical engineering about 120 years. baumannperfecta high-speed cutters always are the best choice when processing paper, board, aluminium or plastic materials, no matter which requirements have to be fulfilled.

According to this baumannperfecta offers high-speed cutters in the small, middle and large format:


The high-speed cutters we have designed belong to a new, innovative machine generation and are pioneering the use of modern industrial manufacturing processes and technology. At the same time, we have improved existing functions and integrated new features. Whether as standalone machines or as central components within production systems - baumannperfecta high-speed cutters always are the best choice when processing paper, board, aluminium or plastic materials. With baumannperfecta machines,you will always be competitive in the market place. baumannperfecta high-speed cutters combine innovative technologies, solid design and high-performance electronics.

PERFECTA ServoDriveServoDrive

The ServoDrive guarantees precise positioning of the cutting material by a servo-based or linear backgauge drive system.

PERFECTA clamp driveClamp drive

The central clamp drive optimizes the distribution of the clamping force to ensure utmost cutting precision.

PERFECTA cast-iron machine frameCast-iron machine frame

The doubly enclosed cast-iron machine frame gives the high-speed cutters the necessary stability.

PERFECTA gearboxGearbox

The robust knife drive gearbox ensures high efficiency and guarantees long life with very minimal maintenance being required.

PERFECTA safetySafety

Double self-testing of clamping pressure settings or light guard reliability in the safety computer guarantees a safe workflow.

PERFECTA cutting tableCutting table

The slotless cutting table facilitates gentle stock handling and prevents paper dust or debris building up in the mechanical system. Its cladded surface of corrosion-free stainless steel protects the machine from wear and damage.


Feature Description Equipment
Process visualisation The graphic display of the cutting sequence on the control prevents miscuts. Standard
Automatic clamp pressure setting automatic adjustment of the pressing force to the stack width Standard
False clamp For the avoidance of imprints through the pressing bar on the material Standard
CIP3-/PPF-data Processing of CIP3-/PPF-data for cutting program generation Standard
ServoDrive The servo-based or linear backgauge drive system guarantees exact positioning of the cutting material Standard
LED cutting light Indication of the cutting line by a LED light Standard