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The portfolio of PERFECTA includes various machines of the pre-press stage. The focus of the company mostly was and is the PERFECTA High-Speed cutting machine.

The cutters designed by our engineers are part of a new, most innovative machine generation and are leading in the use of industrial technologies.

Whether as a stand-alone machine or as the central unit of a cutting system - PERFECTA High-Speed Cutters are state of the art when it comes to cutting of paper, cardboard, aluminum or sorts of plastics. A PERFECTA machine is a major key for a efficient pre-press workflow. Our cutting machines conjoin innovative technology, solid design and high-performance electronics.

You have the choice between our two product lines:

- PREMIUM Line for a complete range of equipment and maximum automation, individually arranged and adopted to your workflow.

- ECO Line for the standardized and efficient workplace of cutting.

The PERFECTA collection is furthermore conjoined by various Peripherals. These machines will increase the efficiency and ergonomics of every cutting machine workplace before, during and after the cutting process.

PERFECTA offers highest quality and reliability from the classic stand-alone machine up to the fully automated cutting system for more than 120 years now.

Furthermore PERFECTAP Pile Turners, as well as Three-Knife-Trimmers and Perfect Binders are a constant part of the product portfolio.

  • Bookline Plus

    PERFECTA Cutting Systems

    The Bookline Plus perfect binder now offers a direct product connection to the three-knife trimmer. A wide format range, high versatility and litte room demand are outstanding features of this perfect binder.

    Details Preview

    • Five plastic-coated clamps
    • Height-adjustable infeed table with a jogging station
    • A combined spine processing station 5.5 kW milling unit with fine mill - max. milling depth 5 mm - and multiple blade head
    • Rotary cover feeder with integrated Winjector® vacuum technology
    • Cycle-controlled air for pile ventilation
    • Scoring station with separated tools for two and four scores
    • Registering and pressing station incl. one set of standard pressing strips
    • Lift with gripper system for light-weight products
    • Pile delivery (upright)
    • Selectable stop-and-go function with adjustable dwell time
    • Industrial PC with coloured TFT display and touch screen function
    • Graphical user interface navigator SE in Ferman and English
    • 24 V DC uninterrupted power supply (USP)
    • Interface for centralised compressed air supply