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Air Board System BLL

Guarantees a smooth workflow by temporarily storing layers of different jobs for further processing. 

  • Air board system BLL

    baumannperfecta loaders serve for automating the separation of reams and their transport onto the high-speed cutter. Both by rear table loading with the aid of a pusher or a gripper clamp system and by manual or semi-automatic front table loading, the separated ream is always quickly and precisely fed to the high-speed cutter. Paper, cardboard, films and foils as well as printing plates can thus be handled by various unloading modes both lengthways and crossways.

Optional equipment

  • Air board 
  • Air board for gripper unloading
  • Automatic air board insertion facility

Performance characteristics

  BLL 3

Max. board format

780 x 1070 mm

Max. lifting height

900 mm

Carrying capacity

650 kg

Fork adjusting range

430 - 780 mm

Connected load

1.1 kVA

Air consumption

2 NL


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