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Three-Knife trimmer

Great lone fighter
We have been shaping developments in cutting technology since 1896. With this experience, baumannperfecta is today not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most innovative manufacturers of professional three-knife trimmers.
The baumannperfecta three-knife trimmer SDY TS is the reliable universal machine for all those who trim books, brochures, magazines or newspapers of the most varied formats and block thicknesses in the offline sector.
  • Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS

    Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS

    The technological concept of this three-knife trimmer is as simple as effective: By its ease of operation and owing to a robust cast-iron machine frame, this offline three-knife trimmer that is especially suitable for small and medium-sized runs ensures high profitability.

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  • Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS
    Attribute SDY TS
    Max. trimming performance 25 T/min*
    Max. untrimmed format 345 x 520 mm
    Max. finished format 300 x 420 mm
    Min. finished format 70 x 80 mm
    Max. feed height 110 mm
    Max. trimming height 100 mm
    Clamping force 3 - 25 kN
    Max. fedder clamp force 0,7 kN
    Main drive power 3 kW
    Weight 3250 kg
    Dimensions (width x depth) 2924 x 2628 mm