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Three-Knife trimmer

  • Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS

    Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS

    The technological concept of this three-knife trimmer is as simple as effective: By its ease of operation and owing to a robust cast-iron machine frame, this offline three-knife trimmer that is especially suitable for small and medium-sized runs ensures high profitability.

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  • Three-Knife Trimmer SDY TS
    Attribute SDY TS
    Max. trimming performance 25 T/min*
    Max. untrimmed format 345 x 520 mm
    Max. finished format 300 x 420 mm
    Min. finished format 70 x 80 mm
    Max. feed height 110 mm
    Max. trimming height 100 mm
    Clamping force 3 - 25 kN
    Max. fedder clamp force 0,7 kN
    Main drive power 3 kW
    Weight 3250 kg
    Dimensions (width x depth) 2924 x 2628 mm