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Automatic jogging machine BASA

Your intelligent and fully automatic alternative for the whole cut preparation by automatic lifting, jogging, aligning and separation of the palette.

  • Automatic jogging machine BASA

    This automatic jogging system can even optimize the preparation of critical materials such as films and foils, perforated paper and cardboard or various types of label paper for the cutting process. In the inline mode, the jogged ream is fed to the high-speed cutter directly over the rear or front table.


Optional equipment

  • Jogging table with right-hand side flap
  • Sheet (scale) counter
  • Additional aeration
  • Cardboard inserter
  • Automatic pallet feeder (BASA 3)
  • Safety devices

Performance characteristics

Min. paper format 430 x 600 mm 430 x 600 mm 560 x 660 mm 700 x 1000 mm

Max. paper format

770 x 1070 mm 930 x 1300 mm 1250 x 1650 mm 1525 x 2050 mm

Max. layer height

135 mm 135 mm 135 mm 135 mm

Connected load

18 kVA 18 kVA 18 kVA  35 kVA

Air demand

6 bar 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar

Air consumption

10 m³/h 10 m³/h 10 m³/h 15 m³/h


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