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Pile Lift BSH

Brings your cutting goods at your working height.
A mobile lift for flexible use.

  • Mobile Pile Lift BSH (3-7)

    By automatically lifting and lowering the pallets, the baumannperfecta pile lift minimizes strain, improves ergonomics, averts efficiency losses as a result of tiredness, and prevents injuries that can be caused by unbalanced loads. A height-adjustable photocell ensures precise alignment of the pile top to the working height. A twin chain that offers maximum safety is hydraulically driven to move up the pile. A bevelled front edge makes loading much easier.


Optional Equipment

  • Adjustable angled stop as stacking aid
  • Angled stop extension for multiple cuts
  • Delayed lifting and lowering

Performance characteristics


BSH 3-1200

BSH 5-1200

BSH 7-1200


785 x 1150 mm

990 x 1350 mm

1235 x 1700 mm

Lifting height

1000 mm

1000 mm

1000 mm

Carrying capacity

1200 kg

1200 kg

2000 kg

Connected load

2.5 kVA


3.5 kVA


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