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Unloader BA Multi

Improves your economy of time through higher flexibility.
Automatic unloading of middle and large format at the front or rear table on up to 5 pallets.

  • Unloading BA (3-10) Multi

    This mobile PERFECTA multi-unloader can unload cut layers onto several pallets. They can be directly taken from the rear table. This reduces production time and saves space. Especially when large formats are being processed the workflow is made essentially easier. Due to its versatility, this multi-unloader can also be used as a front table unloader.

Optional equipment

  • Destacking onto a maximum of 5 pallets (max. size 1050 x 1450 mm)
  • Pile height 1800 mm
  • Destacking stop designed as gripper (precision stop)
  • Cross aligner for automatic unloading
  • Rear and/or front table unloading
  • Designed as precision unloader
  • Safety devices

Performance characteristics


BA 3 Multi BA 7 Multi

Max. paper format *

750 x 1050 mm 1260 x 1670 mm

Max. layer height

160 mm 160 mm

Max. pile height

1400 mm 1400 mm

incl. pallet

1800 mm 1800 mm

Max. layer weight

150 kg 300 kg

Min. pallet height

130 mm 130 mm

Connected load

6.6 kVA 9 kVA

Air demand

6 bar 6 bar

Air consumption

4 l/min 6 l/min


* Dimensions correspond to max. pallet size

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