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PERFORMANCE+ through PERFECTA peripherals

Performance + durch PERFECTA PeripherieThe powerful cutting machines of the ECOLine series provide high levels of performance through their basic equipment and countless additional options alone. Their efficiency levels can be increased even further through the automation and optimisation of the working steps before, during and after the cutting process. And with improvements of up to 250 per cent. Using the PEFECTA lift, jogger and unloader peripheral devices the high speed cutters can be configured as standard cutting systems. This additional equipment accelerates the cutting process and reduces the physical strain on the operator.

Five different performance packages can be selected for the system configuration. Depending on the requirements in terms of the material and volume to be processed, different automation stages and performances can be attained in this way.

Options for ECO Line concept

Feature Beschreibung Ausstattung
Additional false clamp Additional false clamp that differs from the standard width Optional
Carbide knife For longer knife service lives Optional
CIP 3/4 Processing of CIP3/4 data into cutting programs Optional
Barcode Reader For the automatic opening of existing cutting programs using barcodes Optional

More performace with PERFECTA peripherals

The peripherals can also be operated easily and conveniently. The control elements are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible. All the settings can be harmoniously integrated within the working process in this way.

+points through PERFECTA peripherals:

  • + higher material throughput
  • + improved ergonomics
  • + saving of high speed cutter capacity

= marked increase in performance


For the automatic lifting and lowering of the material being cut to the working height

Can be set directly and flexibly: Time delay with visual display by a counter display, tool-free pivoting control arm for paging.

PERFECTA ECO Line SchüttelautomatPERFECTA ECOLine Jogger

For the precise edge alignment of the individual sheets to a cutting position in preparation for the cutting process

Everything at a glance: All the settings can be conveniently performed using the operator terminal.


For the automatic unloading of the finished products onto pallets with a high stack quality

Touch screen operation with clear icons, ergonomic operation through the remote starting of the unloading process, automatic format detection by means of a light barrier.

Easy touch screen operation

The ECOLine cutting machine can be operated easily and without any complications by virtue of a novel operating concept.

It is operated via a 18.5” format touch screen. The clear graphic display with icons makes its operation intuitive and efficient for the user. Numerous special features provide additional convenience. The intelligent self-diagnosis function with error detection and automatic monitoring of maintenance and service intervals for the lubrication and the changing of knives and cutting sticks also contribute towards the ease of use of the machine. Mechanical settings such as the knife cut through, the state of the overload safety device and the average setting are monitored by sensors. The operating instructions, help texts and spare parts catalogue are integrated within the control device.

Main menu

Easy operation via the main menu with a clearly structured userinterface and familiar, self-explanatory icons.

Tabular programming with process visualization for the current program step and the entire sequence.

3D animation

World first: Vivid operator guidance by means of 3D-animations for maintenance and service work on the guillotine including instructions for knife changing.


Option of personalised log-in using user accounts. The configuration of the high speed cutter permits operation at various authorisation levels.