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Performance bundle 300

High speed cutter + lift + jogger + unloader

Performance benefit: +250%

  • Automatic alignment and placing down of the finished products onto a pallet
  • Unloading takes place in parallel with the cutting process

Suitable for

  • the cutting of printed materials
  • medium to high volumes
  • One /two man operation

Components of the Perfomance bundle

PERFECTA Ablader PERFECTA Schnellschneider PERFECTA Schüttelautomat PERFECTA Lift

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Component Tasks
Lift 1 Automatic lifting of the material being cut to the working height
Jogger Automatic alignment of the sheets to a cutting pile
High speed cutter Cutting
  Manual transportation of the material that has already been cut from the high speed cutter
Unloader Automatic unloading of the material that has been ready cut onto a pallet

Recommended Option

  • Carbide knife
  • CIP 4

Max sheet size

performance 350 132
max. sheet size [mm] 750 × 1050