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Performance bundle 275

High speed cutter + 2 x lift + jogger

Performance benefit: +175%

  • Increasing of the effective cutting time
  • Handling operations are shifted from the cutting machine
  • Two man operation is possible for additional performance increases

Suitable for

  • the cutting of printed materials
  • Medium volumes
  • One/two man operation

Components of the Perfomance bundles

PERFECTA Lift 2 PERFECTA Schnellschneider PERFECTA Schüttelautomat PERFECTA Lift 1

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Commponent Tasks
Lift 1 Automatic lifting of the material being cut to the working height
Jogger Automatic alignment of the sheets to a cutting pile
High speed cutter Cutting
  Manual transportation of the material that has been ready cut from the high speed cutter
Lift 2 Automatic placing down of the material that has been ready cut

Recommended Option

  • Carbide knife
  • CIP 4

Max sheet size

performance 275 132
max. sheet size [mm] 750 × 1050