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High-Speed Cutter PERFECTA 115 PREMIUM Line

Your perfect entry into the middle format.
Closed rear table trough top mounted backgauge guidance.


    Best suitable for sheets such as paper, board or even films and foils, rubber, leather, sandpaper and many other materials in the form of piles or in single. In addition to their outstanding mechanical basic concept, user-friendly operation and high safety standards are significant features of Perfecta high-speed cutters. Being in worldwide use, Perfecta products are not only employed as single machines but are also integrated in cutting systems. 

  • PERFECTA Cutpit

    The PERFECTA Cutpit offers particular convenience for the processing of various cutting jobs. Depending on what kind and extent of the work they have to do, users can choose among three different operating modes. Being the central control element, the user interface of the touch screen can thus be matched to individual needs. Clearly understandable symbols make the machine easy and intuitively to operate. All working processes before, during and after cutting can be centrally monitored and evaluated. This guarantees you a smooth and efficient workflow and is a significant building block for an economic production process.

  • PERFECTA cast-iron machine frame

    The doubly enclosed PERFECTA cast-iron machine frame gives the high-speed cutters the necessary stability.

  • PERFECTA ServoDrive

    The PERFECTA ServoDrive guarantees precise positioning of the cutting material by a servo-based backgauge drive system.

  • PERFECTA gearbox

    The robust PERFECTA knife drive gearbox ensures high efficiency and guarantees long life with very minimal maintenance being required.

  • PERFECTA cutting table

    The slotless PERFECTA cutting table facilitates gentle stock handling and prevents paper dust or debris building up in the mechanical system. Its cladded surface of corrosion-free stainless steel protects the machine from wear and damage.

  • PERFECTA clamp drive

    The central PERFECTA clamp drive optimizes the distribution of the clamping force to ensure utmost cutting precision.

  • PERFECTA knife changing device

    The PERFECTA knife changing device with two-point support stabilizes the knife and prevents unwanted movement.

  • PERFECTA safety

    Double self-testing of clamping pressure settings or light guard reliability in the safety computer guarantees a safe workflow.


Optional equipment

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  • Control and electronic systems

    • Straight 2 cut (S2C)
      Is the most easy, fastest and efficient way to automatically create a cutting program directly on the cutter.
    • Cuttronic - Software for the utilization of CIP3/4 data

      Cuttronic allows you to create your own cutting programs. CIP3/4 data that is in conformity with the relevant standards can be directly transferred from the pre-press stage to the machine control where it will be processed. This does not require any additional PC. You can use a USB stick, an Ethernet port (LAN) or a wireless device (WLAN) to transfer such CIP3/4 data to the machine.

    • CuttronicPlus - Software with a cutting program generator

      This cutting program generator is an additional Cuttronic plug-in. You can use it for externally revising your cutting programs and integrate them into your workflow.

    • Management Information System (MIS)

      The integration of the cutting process into a superior MIS serves for efficient planning and calculation of the production process.

  • Knives and cutting sticks

    • Carbide-tipped knives, special knives, cutting sticks

      PERFECTA carbide-tipped knives are ideal for the processing of various materials. Compared with standard HSS knives, carbide-tipped knives are extremely resistant and guarantee longer lifetimes. We also offer the corresponding cutting sticks that match to the knives.


    • Knife cleaning device

      Knife cleaning device

      When you cut pressure-sensitive paper or film adhesive residues can stick to the knife. The knife cleaning device - a strip of felt soaked with some releasing agent and located in the clamp - moistens the knife back before each cut, thus preventing adhesives from sticking to the knife. For a clamp provided with such a knife cleaning device, you should use a special knife with a non-stick back.

    • Optimized cutting cycle

      Premature knife starting and releasing the clamp from the pile after the knife has completed the cut serve for optimizing the cutting cycle. Thus, repetitions can be made at a time that is up to 25 per cent shorter.

    • Hold-down with blowing air in front of the knife

      Hold-down with blowing air in front of the knife

      The air blast hold-down in front of the knife prevents the parts of the pile just cut off from dislodging, slipping off or interlacing by gently fixing them during the cutting process. The air keeps away from the knife any cutting waste that is persisting or building up. This hold-down in front of the knife is especially suitable for cutting jobs that include repetitions.

    • Controllable knife speed

      When particularly hard materials such as aluminium offset printing plates are being cut a lot of heat is generated along the cutting edges. This can lead to fusion or burring. To guarantee a perfect cut even for especially hard and brittle materials the cutting speed can be reduced. This means slowing down the main motor speed from 1500 rpm to 1000 rpm. Alternatively, you can control the cutting speed in an infinitely variable manner through a potentiometer or in individual steps you select on the touch screen. In this connection, both the cutting width and the pile height may be restricted.

  • Cutting tables

    • Enlarged side tables

      Enlarged side tables

      Enlarged side tables offer more room and space for working on the guillotine. This is, above all, of advantage for loading and unloading or for buffering and packaging the material just cut.

    • Micro-perforated air tables

      Micro-perforated air tables

      This novel air bed technology ensures smooth and gentle handling and enables you to easily move your stock over the table. No longer using the previous valves with their sealing balls guarantees particularly gentle handling of the material without leaving any marks on it. These new micro-perforated air tables are provided with some 350 openings per square metre. They can be connected to a pressurized-air supply system.

    • Automatic waste removal unit - AWR

      Automatic waste removal unit – AWR

      Simple four-side trimming or many small bleed cuts produce a lot of waste that must be removed during cutting. This is what the automatic waste removal unit is intended for. During the cutting process, the front table opens, and the waste automatically separates from the material cut off and is disposed of into a container or by a conveyor located under the table. The front table opening speed can be chosen in an infinitely variable manner. A lowerable front table (P 92, P 115, P 132) along the cutting line is an important instrument if you want to collect small cut piles, for example, onto pieces of board. A vacuum produced in the lowerable front table can help you to fix the piece of board you want to pile the finished material onto.

    • Working height lift

      The working height can be changed to 950 mm.

    • Front table extension

      Front table extension

      To handle large formats you can enlarge the front table area by transfer corners and swinging, pneumatically operated flaps.

    • Rear table extension

      For the PERFECTA 168 TS high-speed guillotine, it is possible to replace the standard 1680 mm rear table with an extended one that is 2000 mm long. This serves for feeding wider piles onto the rear table, or is of advantage if you wish to split large-format stock.

    • Hinged rear table guardings

      Hinged rear table guardings

      PERFECTA high-speed guillotines have a closed acrylic glass hood as a standard feature. To facilitate cleaning of the rear table and the knife back, the machines can be provided with a hinged alternative for the rear table.

  • Clamping system

    • Clamp stroke limitation

      Clamp stroke limitation

      This is to limit the clamp lift after cutting. This facility is efficient for low or medium pile heights. This clamp stroke limitation facility is especially suitable for cutting jobs that include repetitions.

    • Widened clamp

      Widened clamp

      The wide clamp covers a larger surface of the pile to be clamped. This type of clamp is 200 mm wide (standard width: 80 mm). Thus, the clamp will get firmer grip of smooth or wavy material for a precise cut.

    • Narrow false clamp

      Narrow false clamp

      This false clamp ensures improvement in cutting extremely small formats such as business cards. The minimum cut is 47 mm. The control system will automatically recognize the minimum dimension possible.

    • Foam pad for false clamp

      Foam pad for false clamp

      The foam pad serves for compensating height differences in the stock along the cutting line, for example, in wavy or particularly hard materials such as plastics. Thus, the clamping force will distribute uniformly over the entire cut. This guarantees precise cutting even of hard or uneven materials.

    • Clamping pressure minimizer

      Bulky materials such as corrugated cardboard or foam can suffer damage when being cut as a result of too high a clamping pressure. The clamping pressure minimizer prevents such damage.

  • Backgauge

    • Swivel backgauge

      Swivel backgauge

      This swivel-type model is a modified version of the standard backgauge. It serves for compensating the position of skew prints. For this purpose, the backgauge can swivel up to 3 mm around a defined vertical axis. Its swivel can be controlled from the machine touch screen. This function can be integrated into cutting programs.

    • Swivel/tilting backgauge

      Swivel/tilting backgauge

      This swivel/tilting version is a modified design of the standard backgauge. It serves for compensating skew prints or cut deviations caused by over- or undercutting. For this purpose, the backgauge can swivel up to 3 mm around a vertical axis or tilt up to 1.5 mm around a horizontal axis. You can control the swivel/tilting backgauge from the machine touch screen. This function can be integrated into cutting programs.

    • Backgauge-mounted hold-down

      Backgauge-mounted hold-down

      This backgauge-mounted hold-down can prevent cutting inaccuracies. It ensures that the printed sheets will stay in position at the backgauge instead of getting rolled up. The hold-down can be activated either through the cutting program or manually by a pushbutton. As long as the backgauge is moving, the hold-down applies some preclamping force while its maximum main clamping force is 600 N during cutting.

    • Print mark positioner

      Print mark positioner

      The print mark positioner serves for positioning concave or convex piles by their print marks.

Performance characteristics

Attribute Value
Cutting table width 1150 mm
Cutting table height 870 mm
Smallest cut 20 mm
Smallest cut with false clamp 77 mm
Maximum clamp opening 165 mm
Useful rear table length 1150 mm
Knife cycle rate 44 cuts/min
Backgauge return speed 300 mm/s
Backgauge guidance top-mounted
Main drive power 4 kW
Weight 3200 kg


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