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ECO Line Series- cutting precision at an attractive price

PERFECTA ECO Line 132 The newly developed PERFECTA ECOLine stands out due to its particularly attractive cost-benefit ratio. The machine series that is based on the reliable and tried and tested PERFECTA technology facilitates economic cutting without any compromises in terms of the quality, reliability and safety. In the form of the ECOLine series we offer standardised, modular high speed cutters for industrial use in working widths of 78, 92, 115 and 132 cm. The machines are robust and durable. The mechanical concept and design ensure durable cutting accuracy.

All the models have robust basic equipment and can be extended by means of standardised performance packages.

Exakte Positionierung Precise positioning

The servo drive guarantees the precise positioning of the material being cut – this comes as standard in our cutting machines.

Powerful performance

The two-sided calliper guide also guarantees under heavy loads and with heavy materials the parallelism of the backgauge to the cut line. A robust drive unit for the knife drive system ensures high cutting forces.

Spezielle Messerträgerführung - eine Weltneuheit Special knife bar carrier guide – a world first

Slide guides that are coated on both sides ensure a virtually play-free and low-wear guidance of the blade carrier - a world first for high speed cutters.

Einfache Bedienung Easy Operating

The use of non-contact sensors in the machine control facilitates easy operating. The knife change device with setting gauges means blade changes can be performed in a matter of minutes.

Stabile Ausführung Solid design

The enclosed casting machine frame provides the cutting machines with the required stability. It facilitates the absorption of high forces and is extremely rigid. This ensures precise cutting results even when faced by the highest strains.

Sichere Anwendung Safe application

The safety features used guarantees safe operation. The installed electronics of renowned manufacturers complies with the highest standards and represents a base towards GS certification

Präzises Schneiden Precise cutting

The hydraulic clamp that can be set automatically with valve positioning monitoring guarantees high levels of cutting accuracy and fulfils highest safety standards.


Feature Description Equipment
Process visualization The graphic display of the cutting sequence on the control prevents miscuts Standard
Automatic clamp pressure setting automatic adjustment of the pressing force to the stack width Standard
False clamp For the avoidance of imprints through the pressing bar on the material Standard
retractable table cover Toolless access to the rear table for service, maintenance and cleaning work Standard
Separated table air Manual and programmed separate switching on and off of the front and rear table air Standard

Performance features and dimensions

ECO Line 78 132
Cutting table width 800 mm 1370 mm
Backgauge return speed 300 mm/s 300 mm/s
Maximum clamp opening 130 mm 165 mm
Max clamp opening with false clamp 123 mm 157 mm
Useful rear table length 780 mm 1450 mm
Smallest cut 20 mm 25 mm
Knife cycle rate 45 min-1 45 min-1
Clamping force 1,5 – 37 kN 1,5 – 55 kN
Main drive power 4 kW 4 kW
Voltage 400V/50 Hz 400V/50 Hz
Input 6 kVA 6 kVA
Prefuse 25 A 25 A


frontview highspeed cutter

  78 132
a 2010 mm 2952 mm
b 1595 mm 1675 mm
c 900 mm 900 mm
d 509 mm 550 mm
e 130 mm 41 mm
f 85 mm 200 mm


topview highspeed cutter

  78 132
g 800 mm 1370 mm
h 690 mm 740 mm
i 1961 mm 2695 mm
k 852 mm 920 mm