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Automatic Jogger BSB

Perfect alignment of cutting goods through efficient jogging guarantees an accurate cut of small format.

  • automatic jogger BSB 2-10

    This automatic jogger guarantees exact alignment of the reams to be cut. Its table can be brought into an inclined position and raised up to the working height by a motor offers you best operational performance. Depending on the model, the side flap can be tilted manually or by air. This automatic jogger from PERFECTA can be brought into a right-hand or left-hand position adjustable in steps. According to what the jogger is equipped with, you can individually and infinitely variably match the jogging intensity and the speed of the air expulsion roller.


Optional equipment

  • Register lay
  • Pneumatic lateral pusher for unloading for BA-VB (BSB 3)
  • Scale counter (mounted under the automatic jogger)

Performance characteristics



Max. paper format

640 x 920 mm 800 x 1140 mm

Max. layer height

160 mm 160 mm

Connected load

3 kVA 3,5 kVA




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